Multiple Teams · Kaci McKinney, Jenny Kopell, and Eli Taylor are GCRD Athletes of the Week

Congratulations to Kaci, Jenny and Eli. They are the GC Red Devils Athletes of the Week.
Kaci has had a outstanding season in softball so far. Her leadership has been priceless for the program this season. Her bat is electrifying with always coming up with the big hit to get the team started and timely hits to score runs. What is still more impressive is the person she is and the character she has. Kaci has so much compassion and empathy for her teammates and fellow students. She is so giving of herself to others. Just recently she gave up her Penny to a student on another team knowing just how much it would mean to him and his family. Kaci Is amazing and we wish her and the team continued success this season.
Jenny is having a solid season with the golf team. Her leadership and experience has been so vital to the young team and their growth. Jenny’s presence is helping the team to become the best golfers and people they can be. Jenny is a big reason why the program has grown for the first time in years. Her help and recruitment have not gone un-noticed. Jenny has been invaluable to the entire program. We wish her a remaining successful season and best of luck with her future.
Eli has made a tremendous impact on the soccer team this season. He may not be the top goal scorer but his presence and demeanor on the team make him a MVP. His lead by example does not go un-noticed in the program. Eli could be anywhere he wants to be, but he choses to be here and present with his soccer team. That commitment and drive to be a good person and soccer player is contagious for the team. Grand County is grateful for Eli and all the amazing things he brings to the team. We wish you continued success this season and success in life.