Boys Varsity Basketball · State Basketball Ticket Information

Quarterfinal/Consolation Ticketing – Ticket Office will sell to capacity before shutting down ticket sales until the conclusion of a game or people leave the venue. Tickets for Day One are an all-day session. On Day Two and Day Three, consolation games will be a ticketed session, and then each semifinal and each final is a separate session that will require a separate ticket and/or wristband that will be purchased at the box office. In lieu of tickets, the UHSAA will be using wristbands that are purchased at the box office by exchanging a voucher for semifinal and final games only.

Vouchers for Semifinals and Finals – The UHSAA will communicate with school administrators on ticketing needs following quarterfinal and semifinal games and provide vouchers to school administrators to distribute to spectators for semifinal and final games. Voucher distribution will be the responsibility of school administrators. A mutual agreement with school administrators will be reached the day prior to the game by each school on the number of vouchers for each school based on COVID restrictions. The remaining number of tickets will be sold at the box office. The box office will allow for session-specific wristbands to be purchased at any point during the day for the appropriate session only.

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